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WDAZ TV News Story

ICYMI: Kevin Wallevand at WDAZ ABC in Fargo, North Dakota, and his cameraman, Ryan, did a magnificent job telling my autoimmune encephalitis story. Kevin and I talked about my terrifying onset, the challenging recovery process, and how I spend my time now as a speaker, author, and podcaster.

There's really nothing quite as chilling as saying, "I almost died," but in May of 2018, that was the stark reality. As I shared the details with Kevin, I felt so humbled by where I've been and where I aim to keep going.

Kevin has won some major news awards for his role as a journalist and his talent is very apparent when you meet him. I was so pleased that he took an interest in my Unwillable journey. And I can't thank him and Ryan enough for their generosity!

You can read and watch the story by CLICKING HERE.


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