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UNWILLABLE soundtrack

JM Stebbins friends, this is one of the most fun things to happen since Elton John called me with those VIP passes to the Farewell tour ... OK, this is the most fun thing to happen since we broke the record for the North American Brain Walk gathering!



. Ladies and gentlemen, dogs and cats, friends and family, I proudly introduce to you: The soundtrack to Unwillable!

LISTEN to the Unwillable soundtrack HERE As I spent my year in isolation back in 2018-19, I silently prayed for a life ahead. Included in what I hoped would come to fruition, were: motivational speaking gigs, a published book, and a soundtrack to the journey. I'm happy to report that the final leg of that trio just dropped! For your listening enjoyment, the Unwillable soundtrack has landed on Spotify. And for your burning questions of: why is Sean so funny, why does Jackie think she's so funny, and why that song in that order? you can listen to the latest episode of Brain Fever where we go "Behind the Music" (the 90s are alive and well with me ... don't mess).

LISTEN to the Brain Fever podcast "Unwillable soundtrack" episode HERE Trigger warning - if you've read the book and know the story, some of these songs may cause anxiety. You're not alone. But, say it with me: "AE, you're not the boss of me!"

*And make sure to tell Sean: "Jackie's correct. Little Bird is an awesome song."

Sending you all my love and a reminder that if you're feeling the weight of the world, sing it and sing it loud, "I'm Still Standing - yeah - yeah - yeah!"


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