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Nonfiction Authors Association - Podcast & Blog

I'm pleased to announce that my guest appearance on the Nonfiction Authors Association's podcast will go live on July 12, 2023, at 1PM/EST. It was a great privilege to chat with the podcast's lovely host, adventure travel writer and publishing expert, Carla King. To watch and listen to the podcast live on July 12th, CLICK HERE. (And don't fret if you miss it, because the recording will also be published on all the usual Facebook, Apple, You Tube, etc., podcast and video places after the live show drops).

And because Carla and the whole gang at NFAA were so gracious, they also asked me to write an accompanying blog about how my writing became a healing journey.

- - - -

Stay #StebbinsStrong, JM Stebbins friends. If you #JustKeepSwimming, you're going to find those #BetterDaysAhead.

/ Jackie M. Stebbins, Esq., is a (fully recovered) trial lawyer and an autoimmune encephalitis survivor. She is the author of Unwillable: A Journey to Reclaim My Brain and the JM Stebbins blog and hosts the Brain Fever podcast. /


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