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My Brain: My Story

In October 2022, I delivered the global keynote address for The Encephalitis Society's "My Brain: My Story" event.

I was honored to speak to the worldwide audience. And after the event, a fellow AE survivor from the UK emailed me to say: "Thank you for the talk at the ES event just now. It was good to hear a voice to match the book [Unwillable]. You were just as I imagined so that means the writing must be good!"

I continue to be humbled by all the wonderful people I meet on this journey. Unwillable (and everything that went into it) continue to be a gift in my life.

Click Here to watch my Unwillable autoimmune encephalitis speech at the "My Brain: My Story" event!


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Jackie M. Stebbins is the author of Unwillable: A Journey to Reclaim my Brain, a book about autoimmune encephalitis, resilience, faith, hope, and survival. / /


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