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Encephalitis Day ND

JM Stebbins friends, this is NEWS if we've ever had it!

February 22nd is World Encephalitis Day ... AND, thanks to Governor Doug Burgum, it's now Encephalitis Day in North Dakota each and every February 22nd.

YES, February 22nd is now Encephalitis Day in North Dakota!

Governor Burgum recently proclaimed February 22 as Encephalitis Day in North Dakota, and on February 16, 2023, I had the great honor of taking my #StebbinsStrong family to the Capitol to meet him and pick up the newest and coolest piece of paper in my collection.

Governor Burgum and I spoke about autoimmune encephalitis, the Recovery Reinvented program in which he and the First Lady are wholeheartedly invested, mental health, brain health, and more. He was so generous with his time and commendations about the advocacy work we’re doing! And I couldn’t thank him enough for issuing the Encephalitis Day proclamation!

This wonderful event gave me pause for reflection. Personally, I’ve come so far in my health, wellness, rebuilding my life, and helping spread AE awareness. JM Stebbins went from a few ideas in a red composition notebook to global awareness, inspiration, and hope. And my family continues to grow and thrive.

I founded JM Stebbins in a last ditch effort to save myself. But through time and its organic evolution, I’ve found a new version of myself.

And I wouldn’t change a thing.

Shout out to my JM Stebbins village for all the support! And a special thanks to the Governor’s staff, who were all very kind and helpful.

Just keep swimming, friends. You never know where the current may take you. And you just might find those better days ahead.

Photo cred: Governor's Staff.


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