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2023 Bismarck Brain Walk


It's February so that means we are #StebbinsStrong and going #Red4WED! Get that red on and lace up your shoes, because February 22, 2023, is World Encephalitis Day (WED)!

This year, we're kicking off the 4th annual Bismarck Brain Walk on WED! And remember, it's as EASY as 1-2-3!! 1) Put on something RED - a shirt, a scarf, red Elton glasses, red high tops, anything your happy lil red heart desires;

2) Take a WALK - doesn't need to be near or far, just grab a few steps; AND

3) TAG me on social media with #Red4WED!

*You can do all of the above from February 22nd-25th.*

That's it! That's how we work together to spread autoimmune encephalitis awareness! And with your help, we've been doing just that since the inception of the Bismarck Brain Walk in February 2020.

At the inaugural Brain Walk, we had almost 100 in person walkers which made it the largest gathering in North American history!! Woot woot!

And the past two years, we've had the largest virtual gatherings in the world!! Whoop whoop!

2022's 132 walkers in 8 states is going to be hard to beat. But we CAN do it again! And we WILL do it again!

Sing it with me now (A-B-C) R-E-D 1-2-3 ...

**If your generous WED heart would like to make a donation, may I suggest my two favorites**

CLICK HERE to donate to The Encephalitis Society

CLICK HERE to donate to the Autoimmune Encephalitis Alliance


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