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Purchase UNWILLABLE Here!

UNWILLABLE sightings are popping up everywhere! I've seen UNWILLABLE out in the deep blue seas of Alaska, on a boat on the Missouri River in Bismarck, at the swimming pool, the kitchen counter in North Carolina, the tattered remains after a puppy got into it in Kansas, at the Bowman Museum (shout out to my hometown), in a coffee shop in Arizona, and more!

The news about autoimmune encephalitis, its complicated and horrific onset, the terror that ensues, the heartache of recovery and loss, and the will to rebuild is getting out there. And my oh my is it gaining momentum! Rather than the medical snowball effect AE has on a person, this is a FUN snowball effect!

If you or a friend want to get your hands on UNWILLABLE, I've put together an online list with easy links for you to follow:

There are more places ... but I'm going to guess you don't need anymore sites (and if you're a person who gets into trouble shopping on Amazon and Walmart [because who doesn't need gum, shaving cream, a plant, lifejacket, motor oil, school supplies, diapers, Advil, and UNWILLABLE?!] then make sure to stick to just the book stores [but sometimes I find it hard to choose between two books so then I just buy five ...])!! And if you live in North Dakota, you can buy your copy at Ferguson Books in Bismarck, Grand Forks, and West Fargo. Also make sure to inquire with your local library as to whether they've placed UNWILLABLE on the shelves for the benefit of everyone! Please keep spreading the word, JM Stebbins friends! You never know when you could be saving a life by reading or sharing a memoir, just like "Brain on Fire" helped save my life.


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