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What fun it was to hold a book signing in my hometown of Bowman! And how humbled I was to see this very nice story on the front page of the Bowman County Pioneer. Thanks for welcoming me back with open arms, my beloved Bowman forever family. Read it HERE!

My dear new friend who feels just like an old friend, Amanda Godfread, wrote about Unwillable in her "Speaking Out" Opinion piece in the Bismarck Tribune: "'Unwillable' offers glimpse of rare illness." Amanda's beautiful and genuine words greatly humbled me. Read the lovely piece HERE!

My best friend, Ashley, well her dad Joel Heitkamp is a radio giant in North Dakota (just like her aunt Heidi is a giant of North Dakota, the United States Senate, and more). Joel has been a dear friend of mine for as far back as Ashley and I go back (which is a ways now)! Joel graciously allowed me on his radio talk show, "News and Views," and we covered all things Unwillable! Listen in HERE!

Pretend you're in New York City at 30 Rock watching the Today Show when you watch Jackie join ND Today right here at the local NBC station, KFYR-TV. WATCH the interview here!

Bismarck's Hot 97.5 gave Unwillable an awesome shout-out in this radio STORY!

The joy of going to Grand Forks, home of my alma mater the University of North Dakota, to sign books, was unmistakable! Check out the wonderful write-up HERE!


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