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Cover Reveal

JM Stebbins friends, please give it up for Lacie J. Van Orman of Loupine Design. Not only is Lacie a super-duper talented graphic designer, ad and marketing lady, she has a Master's degree in Gerontology and works for Humanities North Dakota. She can now add Book Cover Designer to her long list of awesomeness. And on top of all that, she just happens to be a bestie who goes all the way back to me standing by her locker to talk to her in 7th grade. She's truly my forever friend.

Just like the process of writing Unwillable took years and edits, so did the cover art. The idea for the cover came from Sean and me (probably mostly Sean). I thought about it for a long time and then began sharing my thoughts with Lacie. We worked together for months as I tried to explain dreams, hallucinations, and partial memories to her. She then took those abstract ideas and converted them into art.

Each and every detail is symbolic of my illness. It's a trip (literally) on purpose. She is the master.

She's also a talented photographer. We did a little shoot yesterday, including our selfie, where we inadvertently matched (awwwww!).

Big thanks to Lacie for making this dream (literally) a reality. I love it!

*Watch for the link to buy on Amazon - official launch is June 1!*


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