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Bismarck (virtual) Brain Walk

February 22, 2021, is World Encephalitis Day (WED)! In honor of WED, please join Jackie in the second annual Bismarck Brain Walk. Last year, nearly 100 people joined Jackie and her family at the YMCA to walk and raise awareness about autoimmune encephalitis. It was one of the largest Brain Walks in the world! This year, because of Covid, the Brain Walk will take a virtual route.

To JOIN the Brain Walk, ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS:

1) Grab your walking shoes;

2) Wear RED;

3) Enjoy a walk wherever you are, between the dates of February 20 - February 22;

4) Post your photo on social media and tag Jackie with #RED4WED! FOR MORE INFORMATION on autoimmune encephalitis and to DONATE to the cause, please check out The Encephalitis Society @ and The Autoimmune Encephalitis Alliance @

WATCH for more WED stories and updates from Jackie, as you follow her on social media: Facebook @JM Stebbins - Instagram @jmstebbs84 - Twitter @jmstebbs - LinkedIn @Jackie Stebbins.

Please join in the Bismarck (virtual) Brain Walk to support Jackie, to raise awareness, and to show the world that encephalitis is important!

As always, stay #StebbinsStrong!


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