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A publisher you say ...

For years now, I've promised an autoimmune encephalitis book to my JM Stebbins family. I am so proud to say that 982 days after I began penning my memoir, Calumet Editions acquired it for publication!

CLICK HERE to watch the video announcement

Thank you, friends! It's because of your love and support that I was able to take this massive step towards my book being placed in your hands. And thank you Calumet Editions for bringing my dream to life.

An extra big thank you to my cute husband who made this video ;) And to my family who loved me through all 900+ days ... Make sure to watch my website and social media for upcoming news about the release date!

And as always, stay #StebbinsStrong and #JustKeepSwimming, because there are always #BetterDaysAhead. Love,



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